Anything is possible!
Anything is possible!

De Dam, Amsterdam

In the year 2002 we realised one of our most prestigious projects, namely the columns on the Dam, Amsterdam's iconic central square. Amsterdam city engineers , advised by our experts , worked together on ​​the design for the square. We were responsible for the technical design , production and installation of the columns , which included extreme requirements for the design , construction and mechanical rigidity . This is because the columns were used to attach and support the power supply cables for the trams which cross the Dam continuously.
All columns, 10 high and 32 low , are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel reflects the colour of the environment at daytime and sparkles at night . The low columns are equipped with an innovative external reflector technology, the effect of which is to soften the indirect light and make passage across the square a pleasant experience. If you would like some more information about our Lighting Columns please take a look at the documentation here.


  • stainless steel
  • custom-made
  • very high light output