Anything is possible!
Anything is possible!

Light Columns

We develop lighting columns in all shapes, sizes, materials and heights. The most famous columns we made, are the striking, timeless columns on the iconic Dam in Amsterdam.

Some of our columns are a combination of column and artwork, as the column in the shape of a brush, in a schoolyard in Alblasserdam. This column is made of stainless steel, the brush hairs are made up of several hundred rods. The school yard is painted with colour panels and together with the foot of the brush makes a striking unit.

For  the Veerplein in Vlaardingen we made four prominent columns, each in the form of a reed,   to improve the look of the square. At the top is a functional luminaire which illuminates the square. On every column the veins of the “leaves” of the reed were provided with lines of RGB LEDs so they can display a variety of colours and give the square a special atmosphere.

Want a functional or just an atmospheric column? Anything is possible



  • stainless steel, steel, aluminium, wood, plastics, concrete
  • all shapes, colours and designs possible
  • wide range of lighting options
  • wide range of LED colours and colour temperatures