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Fixtures and lighting solutions

Engineering, design, production and installation of custom made lighting solutions.

Lighting and lighting solutions

Unique light solutions

Through design & engineering

Standard fixtures often offer a good solution. When this is not the case however, custom-made constructions are necessary; a different light characteristic or a design that is in line with the architecture. In these situations LIGHT International offers the solution. With our team of industrial designers and engineers we are able to provide special custom made solutions for every situation. We manufacture these fixtures in our in-house workshop, resulting in short lines and a flexible production.

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Consultancy & Production

We've been doing that for 30 years

Consultancy & Production

The best result, together

LIGHT International advises and assists clients with lighting projects. All our products are specials by default. This principle of standard customisation has been central to us for 30 years, because adjusting a situation is always more expensive than adjusting a fixture. Tell us your idea and we will come up with a sustainable and cost-effective solution. We can realize these solutions quickly and professionally, because we have a design studio and production department in-house.

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LIGHT International makes special lighting solutions by default

Innovative lighting

Meet LIGHT International

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LIGHT International started more than 30 years ago and has managed to create a strong position in the market over the years. What other manufacturers call customization is standard for us and what is impossible for them is what we call customization. With our engineering department and production facilities we are able to adapt our standard fixtures to your situation. Whether you need a larger flange, custom installation size, specific power ratings, most optimal light characteristics, different location of the mounting holes, different location of the swivel hole, etc. We like to think along so that the placement and installation of the lighting is optimal. In the case of custom work, we offer a short line of contact between you and our engineers for effective results that are exactly as desired.

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The latest news

Purchase of Ingress Protection Machine
Purchase of Ingress Protection Machine

We have invested in a professional Ingress Protection Testing Machine. This machine allows us to test the watertightness of our products according to the off...

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Indoor lighting
Indoor lighting

Light International has been producing custom outdoor lighting for over 30 years, from January 2020 we will also produce indoor lighting.

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