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With our team of designers and engineers and our in-house workshop we are able to create custom lighting solutions for any situation.


In many cases, standard light fixtures offer a good solution. Standard light fixtures often offer a good solution. However, special constructions or architecture often require special solutions. A certain construction requiring a special fitting, a fixture with a different light characteristic, a design that fits with the architecture, an object that does not yet exist. What is not there yet, but is desirable, can always be developed. Offering these custom solutions is what we specialize in.

LIGHT International has extensive experience in the development and production of special lighting solutions with specific requirements. In close consultation with the client, we can design and engineer any product any relevant situation, where lighting technology, control, construction and aesthetics come together in a complete product. For this, a team of industrial designers and engineers is deployed. These fixtures are developed and produced in our "in house" workshop resulting in short lines and flexible production.

Be surprised by the possibilities that LIGHT International has to offer!